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Filigree Courses

Discover centuries-old traditional Maltese craft with us. Hear the history, learn about tools materials and ways of filigree production and feel the craft by trying hands-on.
Depending of level of knowledge and experience that you wish to have about this delicate craft, choose one of the 5 different courses that we are offering.
Below you will see the “menu” of filigree courses:
1. Teaser – 1.5 hours
“Short & sweet” – During one and a half hours of this course, our master artisan will show and explain the making of one jewellery piece from beginning till the end. Besides following the production process, you will also be able to learn about filigree history, traditional and innovative ways of manufacturing filigree, differences between silver wires that are used for production, methods of cleaning filigree jewellery and the most memorable – you will have the opportunity to try twisting pure silver wire. Experience worth remembering. Unique, fun and satisfying course at the cost of only €40 per person.
2. One day course – 4 hours
Challenge yourself – Make one filigree piece with our help, when needed. Bring your own design or choose one of ours. Throughout the time of four hours learn the most important and interesting things about filigree and produce your own item.
Create the frame, twist the wires, assemble all pieces together, solder with flame, shape and complete the item and than follow the lecture about cleaning and polishing jewellery.
Make the most wonderful memories, save precious souvenir with you and bring your skills to higher level. Price per person is €70 and it includes the item that is produced during the workshop.
3. Three days course – 10 hours
Longer version of “one day course”. Spend 10 hours in our workshop, learn how to make more elaborate designs. Create your piece which will be taken home with you. This course is divided in 3 days. First two days lasts 4 hours each. They are related to the manufacturingand hallmarking of filigree. Third day is cleaning, polishing, electroplating and lecture about process of creating the wires from raw material. This prolonged experience costs €150 per person.
4. One month course – 48 hours
Extend three days course. This course is very close to the previous mentioned. The difference is the time spent in our workshop. Time makes your knowledge and skills improve. After a month of using our tools and ways of production you will be able to make your pieces independently. Same like in the courses 2 and 3, you are allowed to keep 1 item that you manufacture. The price of 48 hours course is €480 per person.
5. Three months course – 240 hours
After this type of the course you will be ready to open your own business with filigree. Apart from crafting which you will learn entirely, during this type of the course we will give you suggestions about marketing, packaging, certification and presentation of the final products. You will get many hints and grow ideas for selling filigree pieces. This is very important, because it is something that comes after getting the skills for this dreamy craft. Become familiar with this delicate, lacy and artistic workmanship. Be the master. Receive our best knowledge about traditional Maltese filigree at €700 per person.

Who is eligible?

  • Jewellery makers – to learn new working techniques and how to combine filigree with solid silver.
  • Tourists – who wants to experience something original and unique while staying in Malta
  • Craft loving Maltese residents – to experience filigree making as part of a hobby

No previous experience is required.

The courses will be led by Gaetano Saliba, Master Filigree Artisan. Courses are held in English. Venue: the workshop of Saliba’s Gold and Silversmith

Please note that these courses do not lead to any kind of certification, a reference letter can be issued if required.

Interested? Kindly book your course in advance via email to:

Due to the high season, filigree courses will be available for booking from September 2024.

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