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Filigree Courses

  • Who is eligible?
  • Jewellery makers – to learn new working techniques and how to combine filigree with solid silver.
  • Tourists – who wants to experience something original and unique while staying in Malta
  • Craft loving Maltese residents – to experience filigree making as part of a hobby
  • No previous experience is required. Participants will learn and experience every phase of filigree making including:
  • filigree history
  • technique and tools used for filigree production
  • melting of silver
  • pulling of silver wires
  • shaping the frames
  • twisting pure silver wire
  • inserting fillings into the frames
  • soldering
  • polishing & finishing work
  • Participants will be assisted to design and create their own jewellery items, which they can keep.
  • The courses will be led by Gaetano Saliba, Master FiligreeArtisan. Courses are held in English. Venue: the workshop of Saliba’s Gold and Silversmith
  • Price: Euro 70
  • Please note that these courses do not lead to any kind of certification, a reference letter can be issued if required.
  • Interested? Kindly book your course in advance via email to:
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