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You are a man and you didn’t have any ideas for jewelry to give to your sweetheart, or to someone you care about ? Saliba’s Gold and Silversmith is here to help you !

There are so many occasions for giving jewelry to a woman, like for Valentine’s day, for a birthday, Christmas or Mother’s day.

So, here are a few advices for choosing the perfect piece of jewelry to give as a gift.

Pay attention to the quality of the jewelry, to avoid allergies. As we are aware of skin allergies, we do not apply rhodium plating.

If you want to convey a message of commitment, a ring is maybe a great gift idea, whether detailed or not.

The simplest choice is the necklace and pendant, or possibly the bracelet.

The choice also comes down to the size of the jewelry. If it’s a rather reserved person, it’s best to choose a discreet piece of jewelry. It will match with any outfit. But if the person is rather extroverted, or likes big jewelry, you can choose jewels with a lot of details, which are visible.

In terms of shapes and designs, the heart is the symbol of love. It is perfect for someone you love like your girlfriend or your mother. The flowers are a great gift for a birthday, and many other occasion. It is often something that women like in general, it is simple and elegant.

Now, Mister, you know everything to offer the perfect gift !



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