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You want to do a corporate gift to your employees or for an important client ? We can help you to find a great gift for them !

On our website, we sell handmade miniature decorative elements. They own a lot of details, that can be great ideas as a corporate gifts. For examples our 2 different types of boats, in 2 different sizes : the “Galleon” and the “Xprunara”.

If you choose to order boats for corporate gifts, it is possible to engrave on a plate located on the boat support, the logo of your company, the date… and for the packaging, we place the boat in a boat in a box with certificates and the name of your company.

Moreover, if you want to, we allow you to create you own designs. And we will help you to make your choice.

But it is important to know that it’s going to take some time, because they are created by hand and in large quantities. So they require a lot of work and time.

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