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Although fine filigree jewellery looks very delicate and fragile, it is durable. Proper care ensures that these precious possessions retain their beauty for many years.

The following are tips and guidelines for the proper care of your filigree jewellery:

Handling of the jewellery

Handle your jewellery with care. Avoid rough or unnecessary handling. Make sure that your hands are dry and free of any lotions or other chemicals before you pick up any filigree item. Immersing the jewellery in chlorinated or seawater will tarnish your jewellery piece.Do not carry out any type of housework or other rough work whilst wearing you jewellery.

Storage of filigree jewellery

Store your jewellery pieces in individual fabric lined, air tight and light proof compartments or boxes. To avoid scratching your jewellery do not mix with other jewellery pieces in a jewel box.

Storage of filigree decorative items

It is the best to place your filigree items in a showcase or cabinet away from direct sunlight or bright lights. This prevents oxidation, so that the jewellery will retain its brightness longer.

Travelling with your jewellery

Carry your jewellery in cotton lined hard boxes. Put only one piece in each box.

Personal care

Remove all jewellery before showering or bathing. When using make up, first apply the entire make up and perfume, wash and dry your hands properly, then put on your favourite jewellery piece. Never spray or touch your filigree jewellery with perfumes.

Cleaning filigree jewellery

Remove any visible dirt with a delicate small brush. If your silver filigree item has become tarnished, immerse in a commercial silver/gold cleaning solution. Professional cleaning in a rumbling and/or ultra sonic vibrator would give your jewellery its original brightness.

Repairing of filigree

It is best to leave any kind of jewellery repair to our professional jeweller who should be able to repair and polish your fine filigree item to its original splendour and glory.

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