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Have you ever thought about designing your own jewellery, according to your tastes and desires, or for a special event ? With our help, you can give free rein to your imagination and create the jewellery of your dreams !


With Saliba’s Gold and Silversmith, it’s really simple to design your own jewellery.

First, you can start by thinking about something you like, or if it’s a gift, something that the person might like. We can create everything you want, so let your imagination take over !

Of course, we can help you make your decision, whether it’s a piece of jewellery for yourself, or a gift for an important event. When your choice of design is made, we’ll create the jewellery you want, and we’ll send you your beautiful creation.


To help you for choosing your design, there are some ideas :

  • You can create jewels for an event, like a birth, a wedding (you can read our article about this one), a christening, for valentines day or for graduating.
  • You can create your own jewellery just for you, according to your passion for example a sport, animals, symbols…etc


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