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Malta has a rich tradition of handicrafts that reflect its history, culture and heritage. Here are some some of Maltese notable crafts.

Firstly filigree is a traditional Maltese craft known for its delicate metalwork. Skilled artisans create intricate designs by twisting and weaving fine silver or gold wires into elaborate patterns. To product jewelry such as earrings, pendants and bracelets,  Maltese artisans use filigree.

Also, lace making, especially bobbin lace, is another traditional craft in Malta. People use Maltese lace for its unique designs and high level of craftsmanship. People often use it to embellish clothing, table linen and decorative items.

Pottery, as well, has a long history in Malta, dating back to prehistoric times. Traditional Maltese pottery features distinctive patterns and motifs inspired by the island’s heritage. Artisans create a variety of ceramic items including plates, vases, jugs and decorative objects. Earthy colors and hand-painted designs often represent pottery.

To finish, for centuries, Maltese artisans practice glassblowing. It is a traditional craft. Skilled glass blowers use traditional techniques to create beautiful and colorful glassware. The craft of glassblowing in Malta has a strong presence in the city of Mdina, where artisans continue to preserve this ancient art form.

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