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Did you know that in some countries there is a tradition in which, when the mother gives birth, the entourage has to give her jewelry ? It is a sign of gratitude to thank her for this wonderful gift which is this baby, for 9 months. It is a way for her entourage to show her that they support her in her new life.

This gift will congratulate the mother for giving birth. Sometimes, pregnancy and the the step of giving birth can be, mentally and physically very hard and complicated. So after all these, having a beautiful jewelry as a gift can be so pleasant.

Now you may wonder, which jewelry to give to a new mom ? And most of the time, rings are given to them because of its meanings. In a lot of people’s minds, rings represent love. Also, pendants can be a good gift for example, the three life pendant would be perfect for this occasion.

You can offer jewelries to children to mark important time of their lives. It is a long-lasting present. Also, children are always happy to receive gifts that make them feel like adults. To finish, you can give jewelries for every special event of a child life : birthday, first day of school, religious event… You can design and request any kind of symbolism and we will create for you.

Offering a jewel will never disappoint the one that will receive it. So do not hesitate, it is the perfect gift for a child or a new mom.

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