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Have you ever wondered why the number associated with silver was 925?

The number 925 means that 92.5 % of the product that you own is pure silver, and the other 7.5% are other types of metals.

Pure silver is degraded because it is very soft and by adding the other metals, the silver becomes stronger.

Sterling Silver is equal to 925 because of the added alloy, in our workshop that is copper and jewelry tarnishes because of copper. Pure silver never turns black.

To protect silver from tarnishing, jewelers electroplate silver products with other metals.

In our shop we always finish our products with a coating of pure silver which doesn’t cause any allergies or skin reaction.

To indicate the purity of the silver, manufacturers began to mark their products with a hallmark containing the symbol “925”. It represents 925 pennyweights of pure silver out of a total of 1000 pennyweights (92.5% silver). This practice spread and became an international standard for identifying sterling silver.

This hallmark is present on all our products to prove the quality.

Now, silver doesn’t have any secret for you anymore !

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